Location @ MECC Maastricht

Location @ MECC Maastricht 

Visit Sim Formula via InterClassics or via the extra free of charge 'Sim Formula Only Entrance'.

Sim Formula is in and around Auditorium 1 and Promenade 2, next to Coys Auction. 

2 Entrances

Main Entrance MECC Maastricht - Buy InterClassics ticket

When you visit InterClassics, you can visit Sim Formula from within InterClassics. To enter InterClassics you have to buy a ticket. 

Main Entrance InterClassics

MECC Maastricht | Forum 100
6229 GT Maastricht (NL)
Plan your route (Google Maps)

Sim Formula Only Entrance - Free of charge entry

If you do not have a valid InterClassics ticket and only want to visit the simracing event, then please use the special 'Sim Formula Only Entrance' at Forum side of MECC which is located to the left of the Hotel NH Maastricht, Forum 110, 6229 GV Maastricht. Near bus stop 'Forum MECC' and 'P1 parking'. There will be signs to guide you.

Sim Formula Only Entrance (Forum side - Parking P1)

At the left side of Hotel NH Maastricht | Forum 110
6229 GV Maastricht (NL)
Plan your route (Google Maps)

Getting there & parking

By plane. Maastricht-Aachen Airport is 10 km from MECC (15 minute drive). Airports with a bit more than one hour drive are: Eindhoven Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, Brussels Charleroi Airport, Brussels Zaventem Airport and Cologne-Bonn Airport. More info here.

By train. Maastricht-Randwyck train station is 250 m from MECC Maastricht. There are frequent trains to Maastricht Central Station (2 minute ride), which is also linked to the national and international railway network. Plan your national route here and your international route here.

By bus. There is a bus about every five minutes between the city centre, Maastricht Central Station and MECC Maastricht (bus stop “Forum MECC”). This is near the Sim Formula Only Entrance. Plan your route here.

By car. Signing of MECC is visible as soon as you reach the outer ring of Maastricht. Follow these signs until you reach the MECC car park. If you are travelling south on the A2/E25 motorway (from Amsterdam-Eindhoven), take exit 55 signed ‘Randwyck-MECC’. If you are travelling north on the A2/E25 motorway (from Paris-Liège) take exit 56 signed for ‘Gronsveld-MECC’. There are 9 parking area’s surrounding MECC (P1 - P9). More info here.

Auditorium 1 & Promenade 2

Main stage (race arena)

All special events are here. On the main stage there will be multiple full motion sims, a big screen and a broadcasting studio for livestreaming. The race arena has 1,058 seats to watch the races on Saturday and Sunday. You can enter the race arena sideways from promenade 1 and from promenade 2. 

Promenade 2

Top brands have their stand around the race arena. Here you can check out the latest features in simracing. 

Please see the timetable for the full program and where abouts of each activity.  

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