Thursday Esports Convention

Thursday esports convention. January 16th, 2020 >> 18.00 - 21.30

Everything you ever wanted to know about the world of esports, and simracing in particular.

This evening is for people who are interested in the 'new' world of esports. Top speakers will tell you all there is to know about marketing, current numbers and developments in esports. Is it just a game or is it a sport? High tech developements in hardware and software, create a very realistic race experience nowadays. The world of racing is opening up to a much larger public and creating new opportunities. Famous race drivers are being spotted online. ‘It is the dream of every boy to become a professional race driver’. Or is it? 'It might be the dream to become world’s fastest gamer?’ How do you get and stay at the top? A panel of worlds top (sim)race drivers will discuss the fast growth of esports and how simracing is evolving. 

12.00h - 18.00h

(Optional) InterClassics preview day 

18.00h - 18.45h

19.00h - 21.30h

Welcome with sandwiches and drinks at the Sim Formula Race Arena (Auditorium 1)

Speakers, all in English

The 'esports convention ticket' and the 'combination ticket with InterClassics preview day' both include a donation to the 'Make a Wish' foundation and sandwiches & drinks prior to the convention.

Line Up

René Hoogterp

Moderator of the Evening

#Chairman of the official simracing association of the Netherlands

#Commentator Ziggo Sport

#Commentator Ziggo eBattle

#Creative director Roadworks

Karin Wenz 

'The world of esports'

#Assistant Professor at University Maastricht

# Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

#Answers to digital cultures and society


Marco Albregts

'A new way of marketing via esports'

#Director/Founder Tribal Skills

#Expert in activation of communities, brands and rights holders via esports (o.a. for Ekstraklassa, BMW, Ajax Amsterdam, SAP, Mastercard)

#International playing field in upcoming/growing sports

Jaap Visser

'Proof of concepts how brands enter esports and reach the digital generation'

#Founder/Managing Director ESL Benelux

#In esports for 12 years

#Creating legendary moments through esports activation for brands like Mercedes-Benz, MediaMarkt, Deloitte.

#Working on a local and international level in esports

Marcel  Offermans

'It's more than a game, we simulate a real race'

#Managing Director at Studio 397


#Software architect

#Fellow at Luminis

#Development rFactor 2 ; worlds most realistic racing simulation

Xavier Maassen

'The difference between racing and simracing'

#Race driver

#Sports marketing


#Formula 1 analyst for L1

Bono Huis

'Life as world champion and how to stay at the top'

#Formula E Vegas Winner

#5 x FSR World Champion

#McLaren Shadow Driver

Atze Kerkhof

'Training worlds best racers and breaking world records'

#Co-founder Adrenaline Control & Xperience

#Manager Team RedLine

#Multiple World records sim racing

#World Championship wins in iRacing and FSR

#Former national Speed Skater

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