Qualifier Sim Formula 2020

Qualifier Sim Formula 2020. December 3nd - December 15th, 2019

The finalists of the qualifier will race the final live in Maastricht!

rFactor 2 features the on-line qualifier competition of Sim Formula 2020, consisting of both hotlaps and races. In the hotlap competition the top 25 (with 5 reserves) have qualified for a series of races in the week of December 10-15th. In each of those races, a qualification session will be followed by two short sprint races, one with a reverse grid, to determine the fastest driver of that day who will then qualify for the final.

The 5 fastest from these qualifiers will be invited to compete against each other on January 19th at MECC in Maastricht in full-motion simulators provided by Upracer to determine who wins the first edition of Sim Formula. The total prize pool for this event is €10.000.

More details on the qualifier are published on rFactor 2 website

Qualifier 1. See who's made it to the TOP 25 of the hotlap qualifier!

We congratulate everyone who has qualified last week.The difference between No.1 Risto Kappet (0.58.840) and No. 25 Jordy Zwiers (0.59.078) was just two tenths of a second o.oo.238. 

Qualifier 2. Meet the 5 day champions who will race the final at Maastricht 

The 5 day races featured some of the best tracks. Zandvoort, Maastricht, Sebring Full, Silverstone National and Nurnburgring GP - with some fun cars.

The races were broadcated on Twitch rFactor 2 channel. You can replay them and decide who is your favorite to win the final of Sim Formula 2020 on Sunday January 19th. Come and watch the simracers race the final live on stage at the Sim Formula race arena!


Tuesday December 10th


Tatuus F4

Champion of the day

Risto Kappet

Nationality: Estonian

Age: 25

Team: Triple A Esports

Replay the race 


Wednesday December 11th


Mclaren Senna

Champion of the day

Jeremy Bouteloup

Nationality: French

Age: 27

Team: Coanda Simsport


Thursday December 12th

Sebring Full

Porsche GT3 Cup

Champion of the day

Hany Alsabti

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 32

Team: Triple A Esports


Friday December 13th

Silverstone National


Champion of the day

Zbigniew Siara

Nationality: Poland

Age: 23

Team: Secora Racing and PUT Motorsport


Sunday December 15th

Nurburgring GP

McLaren Mp4-13

Champion of the day

Jarl Teien

Nationality: Norwegian

Age: 25

Team: G2 Esports

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